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Calculating 'Aggregate Tuning Hours'

Part 5: Putting it all together - our online tools

As part of the SoundExchange exporting toolsetwe built for our customers, we also created a simple tool to calculate aggregate tuning hours using a station's streaming server logs. The ATH calculator takes all of these complicating factors into account and produces a printable report, sorted by date, of a station's aggregate tuning hours.

We then created a 5-step online front-end to this tool for use by anyone who needs it. In the interest of not hammering our server into the ground, the maximum uploadable logfile size is limited to 4megs. If you would like to view a screencast that shows our calculator in action, click here.

We hope that our tools, combined with our articles, help stations better understand things like aggregate tuning hours, the SoundExchange Reports of use, and mechanics behind the sort of things we're tackling for our customers at

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