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Calculating 'Aggregate Tuning Hours'

Part 3: Streaming Server Logs

Webcastingis made possible via a streaming server, which takes audio (and other media content) and 'streams' it out to connecting listeners.

Some names of the more popular streaming media servers are ...

Quicktime Streaming Server
Windows Media Server

These servers keep logfiles of their operation, and these logfiles detail things like how many listeners 'tuned in', what they were listening to, how long they listened, and so on. We will use these logs to calculate ATH.

Sample logfiles:
The format of these logfiles is very basic - they are text files, with one line per entry, and list a number of variables:

Click here to see an example of an Icecast logfile.
Click here to see an example of a SHOUTcast logfile.

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Part 3: Streaming server logs
Part 4: Complicating factors
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