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This tool helps you calculate Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH) by analyzing your station's streaming server logs. It reads text files provided by your station, analyzes them, and outputs printable Aggregate Tuning Hours and other helpful streaming statistics.

What is ATH, and why does it have to be calculated?
'Aggregate Tuning hours' is defined as:

Aggregate Tuning Hours are the total hours of programming that a nonsubscription transmission service, preexisting satellite digital audio radio service, new subscription service or business establishment service has transmitted during the reporting period ... (a two-week period (two periods of 7 consecutive days) for each calendar quarter of the year) ... to all listeners within the United States over the relevant channels or stations, and from any archived programs, that provide audio programming consisting, in whole or in part, of eligible nonsubscription service, preexisting satellite digital audio radio service, new subscription service or business establishment service transmissions, less the actual running time of any sound recordings for which the service has obtained direct licenses apart from 17 U.S.C. 114(d)(2) or which do not require a license under United States copyright law ...

From 37 CFR Part 370

Stations that submit "Reports of Use" to SoundExchange for royalty and copyright reasons can opt to report "Aggregate Tuning Hours" instead of "Actual Total Performances". As it turns out, 'Actual Total Performances' is virtually impossible to calculate using traditional streaming media setups, so Aggregate Tuning Hours is the default for most stations - see our article 'On the SoundExchange "Reports of Use Delivery Specifications"' for more info. has built in SoundExchange report exporting for its clients, and the ATH calculator was created as part of this feature. In the interest of helping out the community, however, we've made the tool available online.

Supported formats

Our ATH calculator has been tested on the following streaming logfile formats:

If your logfile format is not listed here, please contact me - I am willing to add in support for other logfile formats, but I need samples in order to know how to parse them.

Logfiles are limited to 4mb, and must be in text format. If your logfiles are larger than 4mb, we suggest splitting them into chunks and analyzing them separately.


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